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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and the 0 deprivation and the workforce development have come together it's because of this collaborative effort we're on schedule to make our target will construction date of summer of 2015. i thank you all especially eric and other for their leadership in getting the job done and done well, with sensitivity to the community. those west rams will provide access and improvements and act as a bridge across the bay. we also create jobs. i am proud that we're critiquing prevailing wage jobs with san francisco companies and retained
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with those investments. i want to recognize the golden gate bridge company and thank them for the 12 percent dbi contempt on this project. thank you all for being here. i'm happy to be working with the transportation staff and my colleagues to make sure we have the fund to go forward and making sure we deliver n this project on time and thank you to all the staff. we're seeing great connections between the east bay and san francisco and yerba buena and treasure island and the future generations can look at as a model for achievement thank you very much. >> thank you sxhooflz for your leadership and promoting this cross the country.
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now, it's my pleasure to recognize suzy representing supervisor kim's office and the treasure island folks. they created inclusive investments in our neighborhood. welcome sunny (clapping.) and thanks also supervisor avalos. that's a pleasure probation officer to work with your office. my apologizes for supervisor jane kim not being here but i'm i'd like to welcome you to the east side of the neighborhood. this is when i was working with supervisor jane kim in 2011 this community is an incredibly
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vibrant and diabetic and diverse neighborhood people often tell me that their shocked when i tell them there's thousands of resident that live on treasure island and yerba buena island but it's an incredible community. you've experienced the yerba buena neighborhood can be somewhat of a challenge to access like i said there's 23 hundred residents that rally on those services and one of the supervisors first pieces of legislation was to pass the to prove or disprove r treasure island plan in order to redevelop the infrastructure that's necessary for this growing community. that's why it's exciting to stand with you after years of
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the planning after atkins the commencement of the yerba buena westbound ramp. there's a partnership with caltrain and others we're making the vision a reality. the 180 intarnl is the construction of the westbound ramp to be safer for all resident including the thousand dollars to low new york neighborhoods. as chair avalos minsdz it will be home to over 20 thousand new receipt over the decades with affordable housing. the next step is providing the low class transportation options they're helping us to carry out as the designated transportation
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agency. i want to thank project manager michael who is one of the people we worked alcohols with in 2011 and, of course, tilly chang and her incredible staffs that partnered with cooperating with this. it was a complicated project. i know it was difficult for community members to come out but there are good times here and our office regularly conveniences from public safety including open the island so their input and feedback was integral so thank you all for being here today and thank you tilly for helping us to organize it (clapping.) thank you to really enable the community to get the project
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this community deserves. our theme is building our connections to the future would never have been possible without the transportation development authority we appreciate they're capable staff bob beck and michael additional jack. the transportation authority at it'd district attorney have partnered collaboratively to work together and i'm delighted to welcome ms. linda richardson i worked with president richard son in her capacity of the community land use and transportation commission i've known her on a number of economic issues and projects citywide. please welcome me - join me in
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welcoming the president of the activist district attorney >> thank you for your gracious introduction. i'm glad to be here today and i'm looking in the room and i can see many folks for the last 25 years i've that had the privilege of working only numerous projects in san francisco. but before i start it's great to know that the former staff and entities that were involved in the admission i also want to take at about opportunity to welcome michael i sees others down through people we count on when we need to get things done and thank you paul for putting this together. anytime you've done anything it
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will get done well. as the president of the treasure island as the childcare i think last year something happened when supervisor avalos and his fellow commissioners nominated tilly chang to be the director of the transportation agency. i think before all the discussions in the city as to what's going to be the next focus and who's going to help us put things together. tilly was brought in and it was a great decision. we had the picture of the transportation of the region and it's not only to platoon within
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the city of san francisco you have to look at the boundary and getting in and out of treasure island is the keying key to the overall development and the transportation planning is an economic engine so bringing the team in place what we were looking for to top that mayor ed lee brought mr. bob beck. and for us one of the challenges this year is for us to make all the critical milestones. in order for us to begin the development so bob beck is already on board and we've had a successful milestone we've already accomplished at the end of this year you-all you're going to see us breaking ground to complete the project and the
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transfer of that island. my fellow board of directors we've worked with supervisor kim who's represented this island we've worked with the staff and when we needed something to be done we've relied on the board of supervisors and each and every one have insured with the budget and information and the resources we need are in place to moving forward our stakeholders for the city and county of san francisco for the residents of the island you can rest be assured we have a team in place that's not only looking the resident and the daily operations of what's going on her in addition moving the development of the island afford to making that not only a sustainable development but one of the primetime it in the
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insure country of the the united states. that's the goal of the yerba buena folks. we anticipate the clean up the anticipation of the clean up and the transfer to the island to the navy. every now and then he bhaer the negative nusz of treasure island sometimes that's exempted so our goal and the burden we have is to communicate with the public to make sure that the right information the correct information is being disseminated to the public we rely on the stakeholders on the navy and regulatory agencies of which we have the california department of control and the san francisco public health department and the california public health department and all the water board agencies are working in partnership with us
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to make sure that when the island is transferred we can be readily assured that the clean up is done to the allowable standards by regulators so everything we're documentation on treasure island is transparent and we'll hold public meetings our stakeholders can attend you can look at on the website and we believe in exactly what we're doctoring this is a development that's gone to transcend maybe 20 years when it's done treasure island yerba buena is the next designation in the bay area. we realize we are strategically located so we're not only looking at roads and transportation our goal is to try to alleviate the heavy
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traffic about that the bay bridge by spelling your last with the board of transportation so we're in the right communication with tilly to come up with a vibrant of plans that will help us to envision that 5 to 10 years if now we should be able to pass the bay bridge and be able to travel anywhere we're strrl located and make sure this development is one if the finest in the country. we've got 10 though residents will be living here. we're all going to have a point of designation of hotels and almost $250,000 square feet of retail spaces and also the
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development this will be planned the treasure island and yerba buena has a vision so without further ado, i'm just here today and thank caltrain's and happen that all of the agencies are going to work with us are we going to have challenges, of course. however, when you look at the partners we have wre we have caltrain's and members the engineering community and also the dbi one of the things we accentuate is the diversity is the key to anything. when i came in here earlier this morning i see the faces that represent san francisco and that's what we're going to be pushing to make sure that development is about everyone else getting their fair share and getting the opportunity to showcase their businesses and their skills and expertise
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altogether the point of designation is what we're strooifr to. i'm honored to be standing here today and congratulations there will be folks that brought us here and i want to congratulate the team mr. bob beck you have your work cut out for you and ms. tilly i've already scaled the world. thank you >> thank you for the exiled kind words i think bob and i have our marching orders. our next speaker needs no introduction whodunit travel at least in the region this person
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has been a friend for many years i've horrid him for some time i've had the opportunity to get to know him not only on this partnership but, of course, our stunning parkway project. on this team they've been true partners helping to secure 77 money and streamlining all the process including the environmental review process under the new delegating authority and please join me our director t p. (clapping.) >> thank you tilly. good morning it's a pleasure to be here as we start the construction of a project that not only includes practitioner
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but access to the treasure island. we're proud of the bridge you see behind us and we're proud of this project that puts a world-class new connection to the treasure island that was independent of the bay bridge project it was due to the collaboration between will the caltrain's and all the work with our bay bridge team the transportation authority and cpc and it'd district attorney and the federal how association. those ramps with the west side ramps support the plans that was just mentioned. all of that community that's going to be development it is the goal of this region it's a sustainable place for all people in the bay area. we know very well that the rams
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we have in place today do not address and can't be handle the peak time traffic for the 20024. i'm proud to be part of this project and pleased of the work our staff as done working together with the rest of the partners to develop this project but we owe it to the voters who passed the bond in 2006 and that provided the matching fund that $78 million of federal fund with the it'd district attorney money that made this project funded. today more than 15 billion have been put statewide. this is an example of our strong partners they can be successful
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and at the end of the day the taxpayers repeat benefits. we work closely with the transportation authority and our collective team completed the environment document in 3 years it takes 4 to seven years to complete a project of this magnitude. the team worked very hard to make sure that we saved the historic building that was strictly with demolition by finding a way to relocate it cross the island they arranged the transfer of the navy los angeles police department their releasing for this project and due to the corporation this promise city manager starting on schedule. before i close let me recognize our environmental staffer for the hard work to make sure this project is delivered and our
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local assistant and tim and jimmy are here and jack shaw and others bob and steve from design and judy mcdaniel and mark from our facilities worked very hard to make sure this project stated open schedule and will other from the construction office will make sure that project is over sighted and get through construction. special thanks to lee of the transportation authority and eric and our chief director dan the 3 of them got together and maid this project is delivered. the partnership starts they top i'm grateful to have a partner liken 81 i didn't chaupg who sets the goal of collaboration for the team to follow.
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i want to thank did california highway patrol for our construction workers and keeping our roads safe and our contractors. and i want to thank you for incorporating the small businesses into their work that's important to be inclusive when we do this type of work. more than anything please continue to be patient my drive slow past the cone and make sure when you see flashing lights please give them more room. it could save a will and that life could be yours. thank you for including us in
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your program >> thank you, very much. we're glad to have our leadership to keep our economy moving forward. and as i'm sure you're aware of the transportation authority is committed to the small business and the dbi firms are a valuable connection in terms of community bansz based economic development. we were very happy to see the golden gate bridge had not only met the goal with a 13.8 participation moreover it's a great team built on a longer relationship. that speaks to the district of the folks at the top. one of our golden gate bridge team builders is owned by
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clifford bickering it's located here in san francisco and specialize in concrete work and other things. please join me and welcome mr. cliff birch >> (clapping) and. >> thank you, very much. ms. changing. that's an honor and prirj to be here and a great honor metrological up everybody it's time to bring it up. the theme is the importance of connecting the past to the future from the bnl to the willie brown bridge through this outstanding project pardon let me share a number of connections that empire has it will give you
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a belief view on we're connected to the city of san francisco a certified lbe firm and connected to caltrain's as an underprivileged business we're a small minority business and connected to the federal government as a hud zone business and kekd e connected to a a and b contract. those many difference sfgsdz has allowed empire to position ourselves. we so the honor of working on over one hundred and 50 projects in san francisco and the great bay area ambassador i'm honored to be joined by some of my colleagues in this particular project. so it's outstanding people like
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julie of cal pumping and chris williams and steve from bio mad and a recover supplier and many other small businesses making an impact. we're connected because the sf spc a showed us all the transportation agencies in california they weren't going to stand for large contractors submitting bids that didn't meet the dbi requirement. they understand as the employers our employees of small 12k57b8gd biz businesses are paying their mortgages and paying our taxes that's helping the foul of the infrastructure bay area. through this action the commissions they're much more
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than talking the talk but walking the walk and for this i commend you (clapping) they're about encourage and commitment like us the small businesses. and as well as golden gate bridge contractor. i would liquor to highlight one more important connection why i'm stand here that's the connection i've formed with a remarkable popcorn bryan who works with the bridge we participated in the mentor program that the bay area introduced. through this promising program i become the apprentice and for over two years bryan meridian me in business development skills and stimulating and gifting me with my first software.
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this increased the revenue over thirty percent and counterfeiting our back general office,of course systems. there isn't a phase of our business that britain didn't help with its because of this gentleman and continue to be successful. oh, i'm sorry. successful and continue to be successful within the san francisco greater bay area >> thank you, thank you bryan. >> i'm about to country (clapping.) and closings i'd like to thank bye john for understanding the mentor programs relationships are to increase utilized firms. for making it possible to
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connect with bryan i'm forever grateful. there couldn't be a building of core connections to the future with the sf ct a and, of course, the good afternoon contractors on this project. i compliment to the project partners on the project and sure that the colleagues of me will join me in saying we will deliver that we will delivery a world-class project and look forward to build many more and may god continue to bless each and every one of you. >> incredible (clapping.) thank you cliff that's incredible that's trouble
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inspiring. >> well, everyone on that high note that includes our project for today thank you four coming today and for all the people that made this project possibly and the entire staff and pc v and all the folks who helped and the golden gate bridge folks if the empire. thank you, thank you >> and thank you. we'll see you and ribbon cutting.
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>> it is august 19 entertainment commission meeting to order. please turn off or put your phones on vibrate and all recording devises during our meeting and we want like to send sf gov tv for sending us out over the airwaves. can we have a roll call please. >> commissioner perez. >> here. >> commissioner akers intl here. >> commissioner joseph. >> here. >> commissioner lee. >> heir. >> commissioner frost. >> here. >> vice president hide. >> present. >> president tan bryant tan is out of town and excused for this evening so we have a quorum. >> all right. so the first thing we're going to do today is open up public comment. this


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